The Plan

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Tuk Tuk in Chiang Mai

We left our jobs in November to embark on our long overdue honeymoon. We both have fantasized about taking an open-ended vacation but have failed to actually put it in motion until now. It does not make sense from a career perspective but our souls are worn thin from prioritizing stress over living/loving healthy and this is our journey back to center as individuals and as husband and wife.

We have rewards points, a fly by seat itinerary, and the best adventure of our lives a head of us. The plan is a work in progress but here is what we have so far:


- Phuket 11/18-11/27
- Koh Samui 11/27-12/03
- Koh Tao 12/03-12/07
- Bangkok 12/07-12/08
- Chang Mai – 12/08- 12/18
- Chang Rai – 12/18-12/22
- Pai – 12/22 – 12/30
- Chiang Mai 12/30- 1/04

- Phnom Pehn – 1/04-1/06
- Siem Reap (Ankor) – 1/06-1/13
- Sihanoukville- 1/13-1/15
- Koh Rong- 1/15-1/20

- Phu Quoc- 1/20- 1/24
- Da Nang- 1/24-1/26
- Hoi An- 1/26- 1/31
- Saigon- 1/31- 2/2

2/2- 2/15

2/16- 3/8

Stay tuned for updates and this will change carelessly and frequently !


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